African Safari Thrills And Beach Vacation Relaxation In Kenya

Going on an African Safari brings up images of wild animals in their natural habitat, exotic African scenery, a hint of danger and adventure and wonderful opportunities for photographers. Traveling to Africa on safari is still an unusual choice but one many people would like to enjoy and want to talk about with those who have been, sharing in their memories.

In Kenya you can mix the idyllic experience of a tropical beach vacation on the warm Indian Ocean with an East African wild animal safari expedition. Combining the two makes for a unique holiday. Part of your vacation is filled with excitement as you observe African wildlife at close quarters, while part is spent relaxing and soaking up the sun on a sandy beach.

Kenya is an exotic vacation destination offering a complete break from western city life routines with its opportunity to combine beach and African safari vacations in one trip. For couples planning a wedding, Kenya is well worth considering for a very special honeymoon experience.

A vacation in Kenya has become a popular choice for European travellers in recent years, especially among the British. This has been helped along by the relative strength of European currencies. Kenya as a destination is less well known among Americans because of the greater travel distance, but is gaining in popularity as Kenya’s reputation spreads as an opportunity for a unique vacation experience.

Kenya’s tropical weather is ideal for holiday makers all year. The rainy season is between May and July, but mostly the rains come in short tropical downfalls that are unlikely to disrupt a Kenyan vacation even at this time of year.

There is an abundance of interesting activities to experience in Kenya. Kenya is unique in being able to offer the combination of relaxing on a tropical beach resort vacation with an African wildlife safari adventure.

Most of the Kenyan beach resorts and hotels are located about an hour’s drive from Mombasa Airport. They offer sandy beaches and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean. There is a choice of accommodation for all pockets, from budget hotels to top level luxury five star resorts.

Safari expeditions can be chosen from short or long trips, and from simple to luxury facilities. The Tsavo National Parks are not far from the beach resorts, and you might choose just to spend a couple of days viewing the wildlife, or take longer if you prefer.

Traveling further to Nairobi, you can experience your safari in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Luxury facilities and safari themed accommodation in a 4-5 night expedition will more than complement a luxury beach resort vacation on the coast. You can choose other options as you wish.

The Masai Mara Reserve may offer more animal variety than the Tsave Parks, but the wildlife is abundant in both locations, to ensure your safari experience is thrilling and filled with excitement. Expert safari guides ensure you can safely view the wild animals close at hand in their natural habitat. Whatever safari options you choose are sure to be satisfying.

A Kenyan tropical beach and African safari vacation is an exciting combination to choose for your next vacation, with affordability options available from budget to luxury.

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