Making Business Travel Fun

As a sometimes travel weary business woman I can tell you that business travel can be a real hassle. For one thing it never seems to ‘fit in’ well with my personal schedule which right away adds a negative hue to the event. Now more than ever, any travel that forces you to catch a plane is now more time consuming and tedious. More flights than ever are running late and airport security can add an easy hour to your schedule. But fear not, read on for a few tips to make the process easier.

What makes business travel such a pain? The first thing I think of when I think of business travel is “airports”. They certainly are not my favorite place to be with lines, crowds, and delays. But you can make the airport experience a bit better if you use the technology that’s available to you. Some airlines provide electronic kiosks where you can check in and get your boarding pass instead of waiting in the long line for baggage check.

Another tip is to pack light. Only take what you really need. This is easier said than done, but with practice, and the right suitcase, you can get much better. I used to take a small suitcase full of toiletries. But with the current rules in air travel security, I had to make some changes in my habits. I quickly found that I can along quite nicely with just the small baggie of items. If your bag is small enough, you can take you bag along on the plane with you and bypass the 30 minute wait at the baggage claim.

Once you arrive at your destination there are some things you can do to make your stay more pleasant. Before you go, research the location. Get the lay of the land and take a map with you. Better yet, get directions on-line, and take that information with you.

Even if it’s a business trip – it doesn’t need to be all business. Enjoy a good dinner or two while you are there. Ask a the hotel front desk about good restaurants. Another idea is to indulge yourself in things that you usually don’t. For example, sometimes I spring for a massage which seems so decadent but if fun and takes a lot of the stress of travel away.

Unless lounging around in your room with room service and a pile of magazines is your guilty indulgence, get out on the town and enjoy. Large cities often have plays and other sights to see and often it’s a very positive experience to see the sights.

Resist the tendency to just look at the ‘negatives’ of business travel. Instead look at your off time to enjoy the local and the folks you’ve come to visit. You may be surprised at how much a little personal time together helps your business grow.

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