Benefits Of Visiting Turtle Bay For Children

Let’s face it, keeping children occupied and safe can be a tough task. During the summer months when children are out of school parents need to provide new activities for them regularly. The Turtle Bay Exploration Park features many events year round that are education based and children friendly. So let’s explore this Redding, California attraction and see if this is some place worth visiting for children.

The Turtle Bay Museum
In this day and age where television and computers dominate the hearts and minds of children, it’s important to find a balance. Going places, seeing things and learning from life experiences has to take precedents at some point. Many people will go to their local amusement parks but in all honesty no new knowledge is gained from that experience. The Turtle Bay Museum is a great alternative to such mindless entertainment where parents and children alike can learn. In most cases a trip to the museum wouldn’t hold a child’s attention and would probably be considered boring. However, this isn’t the case with the Turtle Bay Museum which is partly geared towards children. Their interactive exhibits take a hands on approach which allows a more vivid experience than most museums offer. Although some exhibits may be temporary, there are plenty of exhibits year round regardless of when you may visit.

Animal Exhibitions
For the child who lives in the city, seeing animals face to face can really be a treat. The Turtle Bay animal exhibitions aren’t quite like your local zoo exhibitions, it’s much better. This is because many of the animals that are present are rare and exotic in nature. Some are nearly on the verge of extinction which gives children a once in a lifetime chance to see them. Fish feeding at the Turtle Bay Museum Aquarium can be done daily and is free with park admission. The animal attraction gives children a better understanding of nature and just how precious and important wild life is.

McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
Another activity that parents and children alike can enjoy is the wonderful McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens at Turtle Bay. With over 200 acres of diverse plant life, you and your family can spend hours exploring the diverse scenery. There are various gardens that display plants and flowers that are indigenous to specific places around the globe that visitors can view and photograph. These unique gardens will have you feeling like you are in another part of the world as you see rare plant life.

These are just some of the many things children can take part in when visiting Turtle Bay. With daily and seasonal events taking place, you can visit anytime and still stay occupied. It’s a perfect alternative to other popular family outings such as going to the mall. You get a taste of the outdoors in a safe environment all at a fair price. What’s even more important is that your children will leave with something they will never forget.

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