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Mexico City was, is, and will continue to be a major tourist destination for the foreseeable future. Millions of visitors from around the globe make the trip every year. While some people go for the beaches, sun and surf, others go for the nightlife and the holiday based decadence that Mexico offers in quantity. Still others make the journey to explore the history of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochitlan and the many Mayan ruin sites that offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of the country. While it is certainly a destination with no shortage of activities for adults, many who consider traveling to Mexico with their families in tow, may be wondering what exactly there is there for children to do? Ancient history, relaxing on the beach all day and hitting clubs at night are activities that pretty much exclude children either due to age restrictions or boredom. What are the activity options for a family on vacation with children in Mexico?

Keeping the kids interested, occupied and engaged while in Mexico isn’t actually that difficult. Fortunately, there are many activities for children in Mexico, even if most of the information easily gleaned, caters largely to adults or the singles crowd.. It may take a bit of careful planning, but there are numerous fun activates and experiences for children in Mexico that can be part of an itinerary that meets everyone’s needs equally. For example, taking a trip to a museum to view the art of Diego Riviera can be paired with a trip to a waterpark very easily and it will placate the kids while keeping the vacation a positive experience for everyone. What not do do, and what to do, with the kids in the country, are as follows:.

Want to sit and relax for a bit while the kids run around and burn off some of their seemingly endless supply of energy? Take a trip to Alameda Park, with its numerous fountains and tree shaded walkways there will be plenty of places to catch your breath and give your feet a rest while the kids play (live music and shows take place on the weekends). If the park is too leisurely, consider spending a day at the Chapultepec Park and Zoo; the park is large enough to have a zoo, as well as a lake and a castle, plus bike and pony rentals. A massive King Kong statue, an enormous aviary, and over a thousand different kinds of animals, reptiles, birds and fish are housed at the zoo. Kids will not be bored!

Take an afternoon trip to the Children’s Museum (*Papalote Museo del Nio) for an immersive, interactive journey of discovery that everyone – adults and kids alike – will find interesting. Hands-on exhibits and displays focus on the human body, the world, expressions, and communication; youngsters can have fun and gain knowledge, while engaging in hands-on activities. Other features of the museum are the state of the art IMAX Theater. There is a full restaurant on the premises, so you can make this an all afternoon adventure rather easily.

The Museo Nacional de Antropologia is the place to take the children to see the famous Flying Men. Four performers dressed as Totonac Indians in native costumes will dazzle and delight as they spiral, twist and fly through the air and dance on top of a giant pole. Archaeological artifacts and dioramas, plus models of authentic Mexican villages and ancient cities, are a small part of the museum’s fantastic collection of exhibits.

There are many venues that offer things like swimming with dolphins, atv tours, petting zoos, zip lines and other action oriented activates that may fit the bill if your kids are old enough for them or interested in them.

Generally, most children will either not be interested in or have the patience for touring the Mayan ruin sites. Long periods of ground travel to get to certain sites, can also bore children, and they may be found to be quite agitated before you even arrive. Some ruin sites offer activates and attractions geared towards families, so double check which ones might be worth a try or consider skipping them altogether until you can visit without the kids. An activity like a wildlife sanctuary or eco-adventure park may seem like a good fit, but some of them can be quite tiring and not have much to hold a child’s interest; check out ones you may be interested in on the internet first, and see if it’s a good fit based on attractions and activates each one offers.

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