Canadian Fishing Destinations

Canada is a large country located north of the United States in the continent of North America. Because geographically, the country is made up of massive and solid land areas, not many beaches can be found except if you would go to Canadian coasts in the eastern and western tips. However, fishing is still one of the leisure and occupational activities that make the country popular.

There are numerous major rivers that run across and within Canada. Thus, local folk are very familiar and adept into the habit and necessity of fishing for freshwater fish. Aside from rivers, there are also lakes, ponds and even creeks that are well maintained so as to continue being a haven and habitat for various species of fish.

If you are aiming to go fishing in Canada, you must prepare to lodge and board in six major areas or destinations. These Canadian provinces or regions are Ontario, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta.

Ontario is where more rivers and lakes can be easily found. The Grand River, the Thames River, Detroit River and the Speed River are among the numerous popular rivers that run across the stretch of Ontario. Sawdust Lake is a water body where many fish species like trout, pickerel and perch are abundant.

If you aim for salmon, you should check out the Margaree River in Nova Scotia. Kasba Lake is identified with the Triple Trophy fishing competition in the Northwest Territories. There are sheltered fishing sites and lakes in Manitoba and there is the famous Pitt River in British Columbia. Pitt River is considered the most diversified body of water, in terms of inhabiting species, in this part of the world.

What is more interesting is that in these fishing trip destinations, most tourists are finding a host of many other physical activities and leisure during their stay at Canadian fishing resorts or destinations. In most cases, visitors come to a number of beautifully maintained sight-seeing reports.

Thus, finding and securing rooms and accommodations for the vacation isn’t a problem for Canadian fishing trip destinations. Tourists know that if anyone wants to find some quality time for ones self, packing things and taking flight services immediately bound to Canada will surely be easy. In different fish resorts across the Canada, you’ll realize how important fishing is to the country.

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