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Many times, travelers to Vegas do not realize how close they are to the Grand Canyon, and once they find out, they can’t wait to go. Plus when they find out there are some fantastic airplane deals, they are happier than ever to go on an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon airplane tours are perfect for those who don’t have much free time or just want a short break from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, it is a quick 25 minute plane ride to the West Rim and a 45 minute ride to the South Rim. The longest air-only airplane tour takes three hours from beginning to end, while extended trips can last up to six hours. All Grand Canyon airplane tours include complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off.

Which rim you decide to visit depends on what you’re primarily looking for: while both rims are spectacular, the South Rim’s natural beauty is unsurpassed, and the West Rim offers thrills and adventure. For example, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is at the West Rim, and that’s also the only place you can take a chopper down to the canyon floor and then board a boat for a float trip down the Colorado River. The South Rim offers scenic panoramic vistas such as those seen from Yaki Point and Mather Point. That is also the location of Grand Canyon Village.

Fixed-wing Vistaliner planes are used for touring that have been specifically designed to allow optimum sightseeing. They have over-sized viewing windows and spacious cabins that accommodate up to nineteen passengers. Each aircraft has two pilots, who also serve as tour guides by describing the features you’re flying over.

When you’re searching for Grand Canyon air deals, timing is crucial. Since the busiest seasons are spring through fall, the tour prices are usually higher then. But if you book your tour in advance, you can save some money. Try to get your seat at least 72 hours in advance, but if you can get it even earlier than that, you can probably save more. By booking early, you ensure you will have a seat on the day you want to go to the Grand Canyon, plus, you will have a wider choice when it comes to dates, times, and options for your tour.

If you haven’t yet shopped online for Grand Canyon airplane deals, start as soon as possible. I always recommend shopping online because that’s where you’ll find the best prices. Be careful to read the fine print so you know what all is included in the tour you choose. Some deals don’t save you any money once you read the fine print. For example, some have fuel surcharges, while others don’t pay your National Park admission fee or don’t include lunch. Some have blackout dates.

If you look around though, you will find some fantastic deals online. I regularly book tours at up to 35% off. Finding an amazing deal like that is a matter of looking around and comparing discount offers. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’ve learned you need to do two things in order to get great deals. One thing is you have to book your seat as early as possible, and the other thing is you have to complete your purchase over the internet. Only buy your seat on the tour company’s website and don’t order from them by phone.Avoid booking through their online chat as well.

Use those simple steps to buy your seat and you will save money on a tour so amazing you will remember it forever. Have a great tour!Remember, buy your seat online so you get the discounted internet rate for your trip.

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