Las Vegas: A Great Group Travel Destination

Most people have heard that Las Vegas is Disneyland for adults. What you might not know is that Las Vegas makes a great group travel destination for your next group tour, company retreat, multi generational family vacation or destination wedding.

With over 1100 flights a day landing and departing from the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, transportation to your destination should not be a problem for anyone in your group. Over 125 cities offer direct flights to and from Las Vegas as well. Shuttles from the airport to Strip and Downtown hotels are plentiful and inexpensive. No matter when the individuals making up your group arrive, they will have no trouble getting from the airport to their hotel on their own with a few friendly tips before they leave home.

Upon arrival at their hotel, if their rooms are not ready, you will find friendly bell staffs that are willing to keep their bags for them until check in time. This makes it convenient for travelers to decide what time of the day they would like to arrive in Las Vegas. By planning your first group bus tour, group event, or group meal later in the evening or even early the next day, your group has time to arrive on a schedule that works for them and they won’t feel as if they have missed out on anything by arriving later in the day if they need to due to personal or airline schedules.

No matter what kid of budget your group has to work with, there will be plenty of dining and hotel options to choose from. If you are planning group travel for a student group of college students, you will be interested in a different Las Vegas vacation than a multi generational family vacation group. An upscale, luxury minded travel group will be able to find the perfect group travel vacation as will the budget minded group tour leader. Dining options run the gamut from a menu of over 30 items for under $1.00 to a gourmet, 5 star meal prepared by one of the countrys fines chefs.
When it comes to activities, motor coach tours, bus tours or walking tours are all viable options for groups with numerous attractions or group tours to choose from. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Valley of Fire State Park, and Hoover Dam can all be enjoyed on a group bus tour as well as a tour to the Grand Canyon, just six hours away with lots of optional tours and excursions available for your group along the way. Groups traveling with kids (or kids at heart) might enjoy a bus tour of roller coasters and theme park like attractions. Any group would enjoy a night time bus tour of the neon lights Las Vegas is famous for.
With the multitude of hotels, dining choices, and bus tour options, planning your group travel itinerary may seem overwhelming. I always recommend looking for a company that specializes in planning group travel when it comes to planning such a multi-faceted trip. Companies like Exploring America for adult groups or Adventure Student Travel for college student groups can take care of all of the finer details, many times get you better prices, and leave you stress free and with nothing to do but pack your lucky rabbits foot for your fabulous Las Vegas vacation. Good luck!

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